Maya + Jordan’s Wedding Celebration | The Center at 2300

Maya and Jordan had such a beautiful wedding day filled with traditions, laughter, energy and love! It was a non stop celebration and dancing.  The way you two look at each other is a true testament to the love you have!  Thank you for giving me the privilege of capturing this very special day for you!  Enjoy!0156_Bass1 0187_Bass1 0321_Bass1 0447_Bass1 0469_Bass1 0533_Bass1 603_Bass2 668_Bass2 0741_Bass1 0828_Bass1 0837_Bass1 0846_Bass1 0887_Bass1 2 603_Bass2 0464_Bass1 0586_Bass10998_Bass1 2 0998_Bass1 1095_Bass1 2 1095_Bass1