Courtyard de Oro Wedding | Claire + Brian

There was so much fun involved in this day…non stop laughter and love!  Brian and Claire were truly made for each other, you can just tell!  Thank you both for having me there to capture the memories.  It was and honor and a privilege….enjoy!Ranger-13 Ranger-104 Ranger-120 Ranger-182 Ranger-208 Ranger-223 Ranger-258 Ranger-278 Ranger-335 Ranger-370 Ranger-371 Ranger-399 Ranger-405 Ranger-447 Ranger-536 Ranger-547 Ranger-584 Ranger-605 Ranger-665 Ranger-722 Ranger-725 Ranger-747 Ranger-757 Ranger-771 Ranger-795 Ranger-802 Ranger-860 Ranger-899 Ranger-903 Ranger-928 Ranger-933 Ranger-936 Ranger-959 Ranger-963 Ranger-990 Ranger-1000 Ranger-1004 Ranger-1012 Ranger-1017